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For example, when planning to move your arms during a backswing your brain needs to know where your arms are in space to start with, as well as where they are along the way, so it can make corrections to the movement in order to make sure they end up in the right place.

Your proprioception uses receptors in your joints, tendons and muscles to generate that 3 dimensional picture within your brain of your body. The largest of those inputs comes from our muscles through receptors called muscle spindles.

The muscle spindles in the arms during the swing stimulate pathways towards your spine through C5 to C8 vertebrae and up to your brain at kph. The tone of our muscles has a direct impact on the quality of information that the muscle spindles are able to send to our brain and quality of information from brain to muscle.

Golf Lessons 101: The Grip- Pressure and Precision

Furthermore, it is of great importance you know that the greatest concentration of these muscle spindles occur in the small muscles of the spine. They are instrumental in ALL movement. Not withstanding that falls are one of the biggest causes of injury and death in any age group, poor balance can be compromising your performance on and off the golf course.

For example, when moving into your backswing your brain will be anticipating the shifts in weight that occur and making corrective movements to counteract you from being unbalanced during the swing.

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In addition, the brain will be monitoring your movement to check whether those corrections are adequate, and if not, it will make further corrections. This is happening several times a second and is utilising reflexes known as vestibulospinal and vestibulo-ocular reflexes. From the top of the swing to impact with the ball there is not enough time to make drastic changes.

⚠️ Beware Of Adding These Moves To Your Golf Swing ⚠️

This ability to maintain good body positioning is essential not just for staying balanced but also for developing a pure and powerful swing. In our earlier articles on golf injuries, we described how muscle imbalance underlies most of those injuries. Using an adjusting tool known as the Pulstar Spine Scan, and the Trigenics system, Dr Rocchi can identify and treat muscle imbalance and subsequently your brains function as well.

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Your Balance – So What?

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We are avid readers of the latest and greatest golf titles that aim to raise our game. Following is a selection of some of our newly published favorites, as well as others that we consider classics of the genre. We will add to this list as new titles catch our attention.

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This seminal work by short game guru Stan Utley is perfect for those who want to pursue a feel-based arcing stroke, as opposed to a straight-back-and-through stroke. Are you getting tired of waiting for Tiger Woods to return to form? Sean Weir. Previous: Cleveland Belly Putter Review.

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