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The Latest. Yes, it will be dangerous, frequently brutal, and often devastating. The POE position says: what about earthquakes, birth defects, famine, etc.? These natural evils seem to be rooted outside a perversion of creaturely will, i. The FWD is therefore inadequate for this type of evil.

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This would include allowing nature to decay — producing not just death but disease and violent planetary events, like earthquakes or tornadoes. It would also cover unintended physical consequences from sin-mingled human activity, like Global Warming, STDs, building collapses due to design flaws or code violations, agricultural failures rooted in corrupt political choices, etc. Now, why God might choose to allow such domino effects is, of course, problematic.

This is usually explained by appealing to a need to persuade unfallen beings elsewhere in the universe that sin is a very bad thing and is something they should never contemplate — as its consequences are so severe. And, in my reading of papers and articles where these things are considered, there is much pushback by God-skeptics for whom 2B sounds a lot like wishful thinking or even desperation.

Why, says the argument, is so much badness allowed, and why has it gone on for so long? Plus, so much evil especially the natural variety seems to be gratuitous — i. Should God, for example, save one more deer in a particular natural-evil forest fire e. Not needed to persuade the jury. Such a response is, at minimum, unsatisfying. Still, it is clearer that, because we are mired in such a difficult subject, there are no handy, satisfying one-liner answers to give in some Sabbath School discussion setting.

But perhaps not.

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But demanding closure and simplicity for deep problems is also a mistake. And rushing to an anti-God conclusion when no easy, satisfying pro-God argument is produced — also exemplifies the Argument From Ignorance. Finally, I am not seeking, in this article, to persuade anyone pro or con regarding the POE.

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Frustratingly for some perhaps, I may appear to be an insufficient apologist for the pro-God position — to which I claim membership. To these ends, I hope I have modestly contributed some value. If you respond to this article, please: Make sure your comments are germane to the topic; be concise in your reply; demonstrate respect for people and ideas whether you agree or disagree with them; and limit yourself to one comment per article, unless the author of the article directly engages you in further conversation.

Comments that meet these criteria are welcome on the Spectrum Website. Comments that fail to meet these criteria will be removed. Volume 47, Issue 3. Evil — A Primer.

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Written by:. Rich Hannon. Now, I left two questions hanging: 1 How to answer the problem posed by Epicurus and others or are there any answers? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Current Issue Volume 47, Issue 3 Not yet a subscriber? Subscribe today! Stop Hating Everything the Pope Likes. Share This: This post builds on the previous post about choosing a topic for a meaty white paper that delivers real value to your customers and your company.

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In the next blog, a short rant on style. Dullness is Deadly.

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